2018 NAVHDA Test Dates are:

  • May 31st (Set Up)
  • June 2 and 3
  • August 23 (Set Up)
  • August 24, 25 and 26
  • Please do not use the fields on set up days
    • Tests fill quickly. Plan ahead and get your application in early.

Junior Handlers (Under age 18) are eligible for a 75% reimbursement of fees from NAVHDA International. Please send full adult fee to test secretary and apply for reimbursement through NAVHDA International.

  • Test Fees for Members of the North Central Wisconsin NAVHDA Chapter:
    • NA $100
    • UPT/UT $135

  • Test fees for Non-members of the North Central Wisconsin NAVHDA Chapter:
    • NA $125
    • UPT/UT $160

Cancellation Policy:

  • Prior to 30 Days, Full Refund
  • Less than 30 Days, No Refund unless a Veterinarian provides a statement that the dog cannot run in the test due to health issues or an injury.

Natural Ability (NA)

This level is for dogs up to 16 months old on the day of the test. The judges want to see the dog swim, hunt in the field, find and point birds and usually last is a track of a running pheasant. Don't be fooled by the name Natural Ability. It takes preparation before the event to get you and your dog ready to enter. Judges are not looking for a finished dog though.

Utility Prep (UP)

This level is a middle step between Natural Ability and Utility.

Utility (UT)

This 3rd level needs to show fieldwork, duck search, duck retrieve, duck drag, heeling, etc.  Lots of work is required to be ready for this level.At each test level, there are number scores and levels.  Levels referred to as Prize 1,2 and 3. The scores and prizes depend on how well the dog does compared to the written standard. A prize 1 Utility dog, additionally has the opportunity to test in the NAVHDA highest test, the Invitational. The invitational is strictly a pass or fail test with those passing being registered as Versatile Champions or VC in front of their name.

You can also test in other NAVHDA chapters test events. The rules and structure are always the same.  Look for these event dates on the international NAVHDA web page and in the International magazine. Some members also enter their dogs in other hunt test events, like AKC hunt tests, field trials and NASTRA.

More information can be found at the International NAVHDA Site

Printable test entry form

Send form and payment to:

Brad Meer

S7160 County Road Z

Eau Clarie WI., 54701

For questions, contact Brad at 715-313-4088 or by E-mail -

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