Dan Hochleutner

Name: Dan Hochleutner     dan_hochleutner@yahoo.com

Achievements: VC perfect score, Utility Prize 1 perfect score, 2 NA Perfect Scores, and Utility Prize 3 (young dog -poor duck search)

Reside: North East Wisconsin - close to Green Bay - train at Brillion, Navarino, and Kettle Moraine.

Present Breed: Hard Headed Male German Longhair and soft Female German Longhair.

Past Breeds: Brittany Spaniel, German Shorthair, and Springer Spaniels.

How long have I been training bird dogs? 30 years  - but the last 4 are the best because I found out the right way to do so with NAVHDA.

I approach training as a fun experience for me and the dog with variety and play mixed in with task work and try to make every dog successful and feeling good about their ability by not asking a dog to do any more than it has been conditioned for. I strive for the dog to feel he is the greatest thing since canned beer. I will have days with several reps (5 or 6) on one task followed by the next training session where I will do maybe 3 and if all is well - we go on to something else exciting for the dog because he proved to me he knows the task. If the dog slips up on something - I will try once more to see if he wasn't paying close attention and can accomplish the goal with my coaxing in the area where he is hanging up.  If not - I don't repeat the task because it only reinforces a negative and that is confusing to the dog.  I read a lot on the subject and ask more senior members for advice and then come up with a game plan on how to teach the dog. Every training session - I have one or 2 things for each dog that I am trying to improve on and focus on them the most. Every training session is different - in what we do first and last. I don't want my dogs thinking anything is routine because nothing out in the field is routine when hunting. I own a winger and 3 launchers.  I try to train twice a week - but make sure the dogs are out once for sure. I would have my own pigeon coop - but then I wouldn't have a wife or might be sleeping with the dogs if I was lucky enough.

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