What Happens

8:00AM Training day begins.  The agenda for the day and important announcements are made.   Arrive early to get the best parking spot and to sign up for your place in the training field of your choice (see field options below).  Also sign the attendance log so the DNR knows this facility is being well-used.

8:30AM Training demos and bird pick-up (please see Bird Orders page and be sure to place your order at least 14 days before training day)

9:00AM   Split into three groups based on your dog’s level of training (remember to sign up on the clipboards before the meeting begins).  Each group will have experienced members available to help you.  The Intermediate and Utility fields will also have gunners.  Everyone is welcome even if you are not training for a test.

  • Puppy/Natural Ability field:  Young dogs ready for introduction to birds and basic hunting skills.  There is no gunfire on this field so even the smallest pups can participate.  Older dogs that will benefit from basic skills are also welcome.  Handlers are encouraged to walk with all the pups as a learning experience.
  • Intermediate field:  Dogs who have advanced beyond Natural Ability but are not quite ready to train for the Utility Test.  Gun fire will be introduced, as well as more advanced hunting skills.  Handlers are encouraged to walk with all the dogs as a learning experience.  Please let the field leader know if your dog has not been exposed to gunfire. 
  • Utility field:  Dogs who are training for the Utility Test.  Please do not bring your dog to this field if he/she is not fully acclimated to gunfire.
  • Each group will have the option to work on water skills after the field, weather permitting.

Lunch (about noon) Bring a dish to pass and $5 to cover the main course.  Consider volunteering to provide the main course.  The chapter will reimburse you for expenses.  

Afternoon  Continue to run field and water.  Time for special training needs to be addressed.  

If you have any questions never hesitate to ask an officer, judge or other member.   Don’t be afraid to tap someone on the shoulder to get their attention.  We’re all in this versatile dog thing together!

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