What To Bring

Hunters orange or Vest or both are a must if you are going to walk into the fields when live shooting will be occurring

Tick / bug spray


Bird cage or bird bag

Plastic garbage bags to bring dead birds and /or garbage one in

Dish to pass for lunch, something to drink

rain-gear and weather appropriate clothing

Money to pay for birds and lunch (5 bucks per person)  This is a big fundraiser for the club

Camp chair

Extra Water and Bowl

dog crate or tie-out stake

Collar - Do not bring your dog with a choke collar only.  It is unsafe for the dog if you tie the dog out and has a limited se for teaching heeling only.  the collar should be able to fit with only enough room for two fingers to slip between the collar and the neck of the dog.  This will prevent escapes and unfortunate accidents.


Dog first aid kit

Rubber bumpers (retrieving)

Check Cord

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